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Is your office tea round brewing problems?

3rd October 2016

Sugar – it’s a comforting substance that we treat ourselves to in times of celebration, when we’re feeling in need of a ‘pick-me-up’, or just out of habit. But it doesn’t just stop there – what about the sugars we unwittingly consume on a daily basis that manufacturers sneak into our food and drinks?

Take a look at this video Denplan have provided, you may think twice about putting a sugar in your tea or coffee!

Jaw Pain or Headaches?

31st August 2016

Do you sometimes wake up with headaches or jaw pain? You may be subconsciously grinding your teeth at night. This is commonly caused by stress or anxiety, but it is also damaging your teeth by wearing them down, and can lead to sensitivity. Wearing a mouth guard at night can help break the habit.

At Saltford Dental Practice we provide custom-fit mouth guards, made to a thickness that is easy and comfortable to wear.

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Damaged or missing teeth can be treated to restore your smile to the way it should be.

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At Saltford Dental we harness the latest technology and scientific know-how to first of all educate the patient.

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Restorative dentistry is at the heart of a general dental practice. It is the art and science of restoring the tooth.

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It is vital to establish good oral health routines early in a child’s development which will then stand them in good stead.

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