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New Patients

Your First Appointment

When you initially come to see us as a new patient we will take a detailed dental, medical and social history in order that we can gain as full a picture as possible of you as a person and dental patient.  If convenient please download the adult or children’s medical history questionnaire from the website and complete it prior to bringing it to the appointment.  Otherwise please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment in order to complete the various formalities.

The dentist will then carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and surrounding regions of the head and neck.  This will allow us to ascertain the condition of your teeth and supporting tissues together with your disease risk, and hence formulate a detailed treatment plan.  Each patient will be given a written schedule of treatment with associated costings and you will be encouraged to discuss this and ask any questions which you may have.  The dentist may use a camera (with your permission) to aid discussion and help demonstrate any issues.  An intra-oral camera is also a wonderful teaching device e.g. for improving oral hygiene.

We understand that many patients are worried about the cost of dental treatment and we are able to offer ways of mitigating the expense e.g. Denplan Care which is a means of spreading the cost of dentistry in monthly instalments.  We also are able to offer NHS care to a limited number of patients – please ask about availability.

The initial appointment will probably take about  half an hour and your dentist may wish to take digital radiographs (x-rays) to examine structures which aren’t immediately visible in the mouth (for example e.g. hidden decay and bone loss resulting from gum disease). Your consent will be gained prior to taking any x-rays.  At Saltford Dental Practice we have invested in the latest digital radiography in order that any dose of radiation to the patient is kept to the absolute minimum.

Please take some time to fill in our Adult questionnaire before visiting the practice

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Please take some time to fill in our Children's questionnaire before visiting the practice

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Damaged or missing teeth can be treated to restore your smile to the way it should be.

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At Saltford Dental we harness the latest technology and scientific know-how to first of all educate the patient.

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Restorative dentistry is at the heart of a general dental practice. It is the art and science of restoring the tooth.

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It is vital to establish good oral health routines early in a child’s development which will then stand them in good stead.

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